WA Journey Ways

Manja Koorliny Bidi (clan walking route)

Mandja koorliny bidi (walking to a meeting place) are movements made by larger groups of people as they made their way to traditional gathering places for trading, lore, ceremony and festival.

Turn the circle to see where people go, at what season and click the place to see why.

Based on research conducted by Francesca Robertson, Noel Nannup and Jason Barrow in producing Great Journeys Undertaken by Aboriginal People in Ancient Times in Western Australia.

Timeframe: Traditional (pre-European colonisation)

Permissions: Collected by Hill, A. L. (2013) Sharing Sweet Water: Culture and the Wise Use of Wetlands in Western Australia, Ph.D. Thesis, Murdoch University and confirmed by Rose Davis who recalled talk of such.

Manja Koorliny Bidi