Updates and Changes

This update provides a suite of visualisations for layers meeting a variety of basic needs. There is clustering for large datasets, lines sorted by date or by route for journeys and biographical information, a simpler, better looking timeline, and a 'fly through' of 3D terrain.

This makes the layers much more useful and engaging, and rounds out TLCMap as a richer end to end tool for creation, discovery and engagement with humanities digital maps.

The information in the layers links back to TLCMap and, if applicable, to the original source. You can share the link just by cutting and pasting the URL of the map into a message and you can embed the map in your web page (see 'help').

This follows on from the major reworking of the underlying data structure, to provide a solid foundation for further development and integration, and making the contributions process easier and more forgiving in v3.0. Needless to say, there remains plenty to do in bug fixes, tweaks and improvements, and in some major additions such as realising the prototypes for basic statistics and analysis, text processing and archiving.

As you can see from the following examples, having the partner and early adopter projects and map layers to work with has been invaluable to develop, in figuring out what kinds of maps are needed in Humanities and testing they work.

Some partners layers have been used in development but are not yet on the map as we finish of those projects. All are welcome to contribute humanities map layers, and we'll be adding more in the coming months.

Gazetteer of Australian Historical Places, v3.0. November, 2021

This upgrade has involved some major revisions to the database structure and core functionality. It's important to get this right as GHAP is a foundation on which other things will be built. We expect to carry on through 2022 and beyond (grant pending). If the grant doesn't come through we intend to find a way to carry on because of TLCMap's great potential and clear, wide ranging benefits to researchers and the public. We are exploring industry and institutional partnerships. With this GHAP upgrade in place, other enhancements, features and visualisations can follow in more rapid succession.

Some Priority Enhancements to Follow:

Some Aims for the Future (pending funding)

Mid 2021

Early 2021

Late 2020

Early 2020

Gazetteer of Historical Australian placenames launched.