To demonstrate the effectiveness, ensure the research and development process is driven by real world needs, and for testing, TLCMap has been informed by and is used by these and other projects:

  • Criminal Characters
  • Aboriginal Journey Ways Online
  • Dark Places: True Crime in Australia
  • A History of NSW Aborigines Protection/Welfare Board 1883-1969
  • Colonial Frontier Massacres in Australia 1780 to 1930
  • Historic Fires Near Me
  • Moravian Missions
  • Legacies of Slavery in WA
  • WA Aboriginal Journey Ways
  • Historic Census Data
  • Goldfields Text Database
  • Waves of Words
  • Transition Of Land To Private Ownership
  • Convict Landscapes
  • OzSpace
  • ALSWH on Domestic Violence
  • Early Modern Women and the Poetry of Complaint
  • eMelbourne: McDougall City Directories
  • eMelbourne: Melbourne City Block
  • Greek and Italian Diasporic Cinemas
  • Endangered Languages
  • Cultural Heritage Mapping Best Practice
  • Flora Cultures
  • ECU Art Collection
  • JCU Coral Discovery Project

Here’s some examples of humanities map layers visualised in different ways:

3D (basic map)



Journey Route

Journey By Date

Werekata Flight By Route