Lead Researchers

Lead Researcher: Prof. Hugh Craig

System Architect: Dr. Bill Pascoe

Research Partners, 2021 ARDC Grant

ProjectResearch PartnersInstitution
Legacies of Slavery in WA Paul Arthur & Isabel Smith ECU
Various Erik Champion Various
Historic Census Data / Goldfields Text Database / TLCMap Sunset Hugh Craig UON
Waves of Words Rachel Hendery WSU
Transition Of Land To Private Ownership Andrew Leach, Dallas Rogers, USyd
eMelbourne Andy May & Mitch Harrop UMelb
Criminal Characters Alana Piper UTS
Convict Landscapes Hamish Maxwell-Stewart and Martin Gibbs UNE
A History of NSW Aborigines Protection/Welfare Board 1883-1969 John Maynard & Vicki Haskins UON
OzSpace Bill Palmer UON
Various Bill Pascoe UON / UMelb
Colonial Frontier Massacres in Australia 1780 to 1930 Lyndall Ryan & Bill Pascoe UON
Dark Places Ros Smith, Kelly Peihopa and Finn Morgan ANU

Chief Investigators, 2019 - 2020 ARC Grant LE190100019

Name Projects Functionality Required

Prof Paul Arthur

Edith Cowan University

  • FloraCultures
  • Western Australian Aboriginal Journey Ways
  • ECU Art Collection
  • Analyse, visualise, disseminate

Prof Erik Champion

Curtin University

  • Visualising Geo-Located Images
  • Historical Image Classification
  • Feature Matching the SLWA Collection
  • Face detection
  • Text extraction
  • Metadata parsing to auto detect data and geolocation

EProf Hugh Craig

University of Newcastle

  • Mapping domestic violence
  • Mapping goldfields newspaper articles
  • Visualise spatial and temporal data on domestic violence
  • Map and study newspaper articles on Australian goldfields

Prof Ning Gu

University of South Australia

  • UniSA Smart Cities
  • South Australian built cultural heritage (Burra townships and/or Torrens River)
  • South East Asian built cultural heritage (post-disaster reconstruction)
  • UniSA Smart Cities to include map-based large-scale spatial awareness
  • Expand and disseminate information and awareness on South Australian built cultural heritage
  • Create databases on South East Asian built cultural heritage to aid post-disaster reconstruction

AProf Mark Harvey

University of Newcastle

  • Indigenous Spatial Heritage
  • Aboriginal Place Names and Ethnobiology
  • Make existing Aboriginal spatial heritage data more accessible from a single access point

Prof Victoria Haskins

University of Newcastle

  • The NSW Aborigines Protection/Welfare Board: A History
  • Intimacy and Violence in Anglo Pacific Rim Settler Colonial Societies
  • Build a database with spatiotemporal data
  • Display the data as a map with a timeline and show mobility

Prof Andrew May

University of Melbourne

  • Encyclopedia of Melbourne
  • Make Encyclopedia of Melbourne data more open to research and exploratory visualisation with maps and timelines
  • Immersive environments
  • Collection liberated content
  • Digital storytelling

Prof Lyndall Ryan

University of Newcastle

  • Colonial Frontier Massacres
  • Extend Colonial Frontier Massacres map to be usable for similar projects, internationally
  • Ensure certain types of online data remains secure
  • Workflows for collaborators to maintain data

Prof Ros Smith

University of Newcastle

  • Dark Places: True Crime In Australia
  • Early Modern Women And The Poetry Of Complaint
  • Map literary true crime sites
  • Map redaction, reception, publication, etc.
  • Map relationships related to literature

Dr Alana Piper

University of Technology Sydney

  • Map historical crime data

Prof Deb Verhoeven (Partner Investigator)

University of Alberta, Canada

  • HuNI Greek and Italian diasporic cinema
  • Digital infrastructure design for humanities
  • Overlay multiple data types such as public transport, road, local business and demographic data
  • HuNI will be a delivery platform
  • Interoperability with HuNI
  • HuNI to aggregate heterogeneous data from independent sources
  • HuNI to allow keyword, spatial and temporal discovery